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Business Process Optimization

From simplifying the process itself to identifying opportunities for off-shoring and/or automation. 

Off-shoring Capabilities

Moving transactional activities to lower cost sites.

Through its partners DWC has access to the latest technologies and can deliver a proof of concept within two months

Process Automation


Identification Services

A comprehensive overview of investigational sites by therapeutic area


DWC provides consultancy in clinical development and organizational design

Although our company may have many solutions, ready to be deployed, the key to success is to first determine what the root problem is in your process. We would therefore like to work with you to define the problem statement and determine what the real need is for your organization. Only then will we propose a potential solution, whether that is implementing a slight process refinement, creating transparency of then process through process mapping, the off-shoring of certain transactional activities or automation of process steps.


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